About us

About us

Transparant, strategic, to the point and result driven. In a human way

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01 - Flexible

It's important for us to be available on the moments you need us. We try our best to achieve this.

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02 - Professional

Each one of our projects and agreements are handled with the utmost professionalism to assure a good product.

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03 - Transparent

Do what we say and say what we do. Simple words which we nevertheless do our best to live by.


I am Darius Pauwels, founder of FeelsDesign.

Started this business as a student entrepreneur but quickly grew into my main profession.

For me it is always exciting to talk to people and see exactly how we can help them.


I choose to work with a team composed entirely of freelancers. This allows me to find a specific talent for each job that is perfect for that project.

Does an app need to be created? Then I can work with a developer, does the client want a new logo? Then I can work with a graphic designer.


Why Freelancers?

Because of 2 major reasons, we choose to have our entire team made up of freelancers.

Talent pool
Global reach to find the the right profile for the project. I am not limited to the talent in Flanders.
Working 'lean'
Ability to be very involved and shift gears as needed. Thanks to bringing in freelancers, as little time as possible is wasted.